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Gourmet Multi-Spice Grinder

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Gourmet Multi-Spice Grinder

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  • From providing better flavor to allowing you to use less salt to key health benefits, freshly ground spices will quickly become indispensable ingredients in your kitchen. Find more details and serving suggestions below.



  • The sharp stainless steel cutting blade on this grinder makes quick work of tough, woody spices like whole cinnamon, dried ginger, dried chilies, and much more. Never worry about the clogging or dulling common with other spice grinders not intended for these heavier duty jobs.
  • Are you frustrated by spice grinders with tiny refill openings? The Clever Chef Gourmet Multi-Spice Grinder offers a wide, 1.5 X 1.5 inch opening for easy pouring. The sharp stainless steel cutting blade creates evenly-sized pieces without clogging or jamming. The comfortable, no-slip grip makes turning the cutting blade effortless. The stainless steel and glass accents highlight a modern design that works equally well in the kitchen as on the dining table.
  • This Multi-Spice Grinder's sleek measurements, 2.5D X 5.5H inches, mean that it will fit in even shallow drawers. The tight sealing lid keeps spices fresh so they're ready to use whenever you need them.

Key Benefits of Whole Spices 

• In addition to better flavor, buying whole peppercorns and other spices ensures that you are purchasing is unadulterated. Whole spices also keep almost indefinitely, while ground spices will stay fresh for only three months. 
• Extracting the maximum flavor from spices allows you to make even more delicious food without adding fat, salt, or sugar. 
• Many spices contain antioxidants, which can prevent or repair the damage caused by the free radicals, the byproducts of cellular metabolism that attack healthy cells.


Unique Design Features 
• The Clever Chef Gourmet Multi-Spice Grinder innovative design allows you to easily mill even the toughest of whole spices, like cinnamon and whole dried peppers. 
• Made with high quality glass and BPA free plastic meeting strict FDA standards. Easy-to-clean design features stainless steel and bright red accents. 
• The transparent contents container let you see when you're running low on any of your favorite spice.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

In addition to Amazon's standard Return Policy, as the manufacturer we offer a full Refund or Replacement Guarantee for 1 (one) full year. If you are ever not satisfied for any reason, please contact us directly. Thank you for choosing Clever Chef.


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